Thursday, January 28, 2010

Desert Eagle Pearl Grips Desert Eagle Pearl Grips And Other Accessories?

Desert Eagle Pearl Grips and Other Accessories? - desert eagle pearl grips

I bought a new Desert Eagle XIX, with a nickel finish. I am very proud of him and immediately think, "It's a shame that this debate is the economic shit", but from all manufacturers and other vendors after the market seems to offer is dark rubber or wooden tongs. For so popular pistol surprisingly little in the way of accessories. Does anybody know where I can take a handful of Nice for the weapon. Pearl, ivory, or any other beautiful thing that I did not think I'm open to everything. Also feel free to promote your business or website, provided you have my handlebars.


Anonymous said...

Tip: Ajax Pistol Grips. They carry all sorts of things from the market. Ajax Grips should be placed in any good search engine on the Internet.



Rover said...

I would be very happy to make a pair of pliers to measurement. Notify me if you wish.

Doc Hudson said...

Mother of Pearl handles are not really suitable for a hunting rifle. You have posted very delicate and easily broken or is.

Ivory or deer would be better if you really do not want to take the wood. Knowing that you're talking about a few hundred dollars minimum for a well made of handles.


Willie said...

You do not know if it is processing or not known, but some things here. Good luck!

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